Motion Detectors
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The Bravo6 is not only an exceptional pet-immune detector, it also provides excellent false alarm immunity in the harshest environments. With its twin, dual-element PIR detectors, unique lens and advanced digital signal analysis, it provides accurate detection while ignoring common false alarm situations, including pets. The Bravo6 will exceed your expectations for stability and performance.

*Digital signal analysis for consistent detection     throughout the coverage pattern
*Digital temperature compensation for improved catch performance at critical temperatures
*Patented Multi-Level Signal Processing (MLSP) for accurate detection of human IR over a broad range of temperatures
*Sensitivity adjustment to configure the detector for  normal or hostile environments
*High-level static and transient protection
*Exceptional white light immunity
*Excellent RF immunity
*Optional mounting brackets available:
   DM-W (wall-mount bracket)
   DM-C (ceiling-mount bracket)

The Bravo5 ceiling-mount motion detector is perfect for those applications where office partitions and furniture restrict fields of view. From its’ vantage point, it sees what other wall or corner mount detectors can’t. In addition to features found in the Bravo series PIRs, the Bravo5 uses an advanced quad-PIR element to provide consistent detection regardless of the motion direction. The Bravo5GB offers even more security with its integrated glassbreak detector, offering all the features of the Acuity.

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