NEW! Loaded Connect+ Kit with Touchpad and Sensors



  • Pre-enrolled Slimline Touchpad – a vivid 7” touchscreen for complete on-site control, with wall mount, tabletop stand and battery backup (RE667W)
  • Three pre-enrolled NanoMax Door Window Sensors (RE622)
  • Pre-enrolled Pet Immune Motion Sensor (RE610P)
  • Installed M1 LTE Cellular Card (Verizon RE930RPV or AT&T RE930RPA)
  • Installed Z-Wave Automation Card (RE934Z)
  • Installed Touchpad Wi-Fi DeviceLink Card (RE926RX)
  • Drive new services income with Video, Z-wave automation, and smartphone app control
  • IP-first Hub is sunset-free, backed by long-range M1 LTE cellular


  • CPLUS-VZ-ZW-TPW-310 (Verizon)
SKU: CPLUS-VZ-ZW-TPW-310 (Verizon), CPLUS-ATT-ZW-TPW-310 (AT&T) Categories: ,


Speed installs with the new pre-enrolled kit.

With Z-Wave® automation, class-leading 4G/5G cellular, and the encrypted DeviceLink Wi-Fi Card, it’s the most advanced Alula Hub. The Slimline Touchpad, three NanoMax Door Window Sensors, and a Pet Immune Motion Sensor are pre-enrolled at the factory and ready to place. All that’s left is activating the new account in the AlulaConnect management portal and powering up on-site.